A 'real life' community

Alicia Offhaus is smitten with Classical Conversations of Conway.

She believes attendees will be also if they visit the homeschool group this Tuesday, March 14, for its Excellence in Education lunchtime gathering at Pine Grove Baptist Church on Old Reeves Ferry Road.

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The right words

The right words are not coming.

Words are being typed on the page, but they do not come close to what is needed, what I am desperate to get out. It’s been too long, and I’m more than a little rusty. I’m frozen and stiff. Rigor mortis crept up on me. It’s been a slow death. Of course, had it happened quickly, I would have sought lifesaving procedures. As it is, it was barely noticed.

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Beautiful stories

I did it yesterday. I stole away for a few hours for a return visit to Brookgreen Gardens. I have intended to use my seven-day pass for more than one visit, and yesterday, I did it. I did it alone, and it felt so good.

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A rejoicing ride

In thinking back, it seems juvenile. A cute little effort at doing what grownups do - those competent, trained professionals who appear polished, put-together, and oh, so very capable. Yet, with me...perhaps I was a bit deluded when I put pen to paper and wrote those things. Yes, foolish, I was.

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Imitators of beauty

I have been drawn to truth, beauty, and goodness all of my life. It’s unexplainable the extent of my desire to perceive and delight in truth, to experience and create beauty, and to know the rich goodness that is felt deep in my soul with the pursuit of such virtues.

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Hope doesn't disappoint

Kathy Crist believes she is on a mission from God. Of course, the tenets of her faith tell her she is not alone in the assignment to help those in need.

“It’s our job as Christians to help these folks,” the Conway woman said.

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Union brings water

For a small church, Union United Methodist gets big results.

The South Conway church regularly sees about 150 worshippers on any given Sunday. Despite that, the congregation has brought in close to $120,000 to fund water wells in Africa as well as improve its own facilities for effective ministry environments.

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The fight is personal

I want to save the world. But I don’t want to do it one person at a time. I want to create new programs, write new books, teach new lessons - that somehow can reach the masses. 

Then I am reminded...the fight is personal.

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Prayer paves way

Ten-year-old Isaiah Clardy prayed three years ago for a garden. He remembers it was for “people that didn’t have food,” but doesn’t recall what led him to make the same prayer request continually each night before going to sleep.

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Doing the thing

It was a Sunday morning. I was praying for my family. I was crying out to God for ways I could help my husband. I did that for a while. Actually, I did that for a long while. I love words, and sometimes, I tend to use a lot of them. After letting me go on and on, God answered me.

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Is it black or is it good?

I frequently mix up the two. I catch myself calling this Friday, Black Friday. Then, I realize my mistake.

You have to admit. It fits in many ways. The day Jesus died has a lot to do with darkness, despair, and mourning. 

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