Arrow in the hand

We were asked to present a few words. What do you say when your firstborn is graduating high school?

The recognition came during Graduate Sunday at church. Parents were asked to briefly tell a story, recite a poem, say a prayer, or whatever seemed appropriate as the 2017 graduates and their families stood before the congregation.

There’s no compiling, sorting, and telling all of what Victoria Page Anderson is and will be to Keith and I. This poem is a mere breath, but does capture the essence of the girl we love called Page.

We rotated the reading of the stanzas. I went first, then Keith. As Page distinctly pointed out after our lovely and heartfelt recitation, “You stole that last part.” Of course, that’s Dr. Seuss. At least she said it in a whisper...

So what do we proclaim?
What are the right words to convey?
Do we tell how much we love you?
There’s more than that to say.

A daughter who bears my image
So much in common with me
An only child for many years
A firstborn who made us three

Independent, strong-willed, solid
An old soul in a child’s body born
I continually praise God for making you
As one who does not conform

A performer who sings her own tune
A loyal friend who’d fight to the end
You blossom more lovely and beautiful
A strong vine who doesn’t break nor bend

A natural leader, an amazing sister
Generous, messy, and loud
You’re softer than you let most people know
And you’ve made your family proud

We love your sense of humor
Quick-witted, funny, and smart
Creative, honest, and genuine
Your brother’s best confidant

You are my pride, my pleasure as a mom
Your future sings a breathtaking song
Like an arrow in the hand of a warrior
We send you into the world strong

Oh the places you’ll go
Today is your day!
Your mountain is waiting
So...get on your way!